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The group


Lead Vocals

A musical journey ignited within Geon's soul at the tender age of 15, a symphony of passion he had cherished since youth. The corridors of sound led him to embrace Jazz vocal mastery during his studies in the UK. Now, Cyprus is his stage, where he enchants as a solitary minstrel and with his band. A harbinger of reggae's emergence in Cyprus, Geon co-founded “Magounda Kinousa” in 2010, and since 2019 he is the lead singer with Mr. Wilson. His harmonies resonate with the whispers of reggae, rock, soul, and funk. From “Reggae Sunjam's” embrace to “Locomodo's Foinikoudes” reverie, his verses have danced through “Ayia Napa's Youth Festival”. In 2016, his debut single "Tonight" was a serenade to the stars. Not just a singer, but a composer, his voice adorned the poignant soundtrack “July Winter Tears,” a verse woven into the Romanov Royal Martyrs' project legacy.



Bass Guitar

Meet Rodrigo, a visionary Chilean bassist who has travelled the world through his musical skills. His soulful melodies resonate through the tapestry of Latin-jazz, flamenco, and world music, weaving a spell that captivates audiences across continents. From the bustling streets of Europe to the vibrant heart of Latin America and the enchanting landscapes of Asia, Rodrigo's music knows no bounds. With strings that connect genres and cultures, Rodrigo's performances are a mesmerizing dance of diversity. He effortlessly bridges the gaps between Latin rhythms, jazz harmonies, flamenco's fiery passion, the pulsating beats of pop, the ancestral grooves of afro, the groove of funk, and the soulful melodies of reggae. His music is a universal language that speaks to the hearts of everyone who listens. Rodrigo's journey took him to the sun-soaked lands of Spain, where he collaborated with legends such as Rubem Dantas, the percussionist of luminaries like Paco de Lucía and Chick Corea. He graced grand stages at festivals like Jazz Almuñecar, Espantapitas, Zaidin, and Etnomusic, leaving audiences awestruck by his virtuosity. His resonance in the Spanish music scene is undeniable, as he lent his talent to numerous albums as a session bassist. A true collaborator, he worked alongside luminaries like Diego Guerrero, Chano Domínguez, Tomás de Perrate, Dan Ben Lior, Puchero del Hortelano, and Maui y los sirénidos. The pinnacle of his journey saw him share the spotlight with the globally acclaimed "Calle 13" at the illustrious Sonderos Festival. But Rodrigo's musical journey wasn't confined to Spain alone. In his homeland, he harmonized his bass with the legendary jazz trombonist Héctor Briceño "Parquimetro." Across the seas in Greece, he transported the soul of flamenco to the stages of the Akropol Theater and the Lakinthia Festival, entrancing audiences alongside luminaries like Oscar de los Reyes, Eleni Giannopoulou, and Christo Tzifaki. His journey continued its crescendo in Cyprus, where he cast his spell on the Pattihio Theater stage, sharing melodies with the renowned Italian pianist Joe Diverio. Simultaneously, his bass reverberated through the stages of Munich, Berlin, and Cologne in Germany, performing in concerts that resonated far beyond borders. In 2019, Rodrigo's artistic trek led to the creation of the album "Como Jugando" with the mesmerizing group Macumba. Today, he stands tall among musical titans, performing passionately with the vibrant bands Macumba, Mr. Wilson, and Yemaya Son. Rodrigo's music is more than just notes; it's a journey that unites souls, transcends boundaries, and celebrates the human spirit's boundless creativity. With every pluck of the strings, he invites us to explore the beauty of diversity and the magic of harmony. So let the rhythm of Rodrigo's bass inspire you to dance to the symphony of life, where every beat is a testament to the power of music to connect us all.




Nicolas's musical odyssey began in childhood, shaping a keyboard virtuoso. Jazz, funk, and reggae converged into his signature style. His studio finesse is showcased in an LP production, a testament to his multifaceted talent. Across Cyprus's music festivals – Jazz & World Music Showcase, Feggaros, Old Port Jazz, Paradise Jazz, and Reggae Festival – Nicolas's keys painted vibrant soundscapes. His music, a bridge between genres, resonated deeply, forging connections with audiences. Nicolas's journey is one of rhythmic exploration, fusing genres seamlessly, and weaving unforgettable tales through his keyboard's eloquent language.


Steve 3.jpg


Stefanos, a luminary of strings, embarked on a lifelong melodic adventure from his earliest days. With the guitar as his compass, he journeyed through realms of rhythm, forging a harmonious bond with music's core. Across the seas and stages, he painted vibrant tunes in the UK during a tour with previous music groups. A maestro of diverse genres, he co-founded and lent his chords to the pioneering notes of Cyprus' inaugural reggae band, Magounda Kinousa, which was twice the opening band for the legendary Locomondo. From his teenage years, he wielded his guitar with fervor as the guitarist of the metal band Oblivion, a band that produced an original album and opened the concert for the iconic metal band Sabaton. Festivals became his canvas, his harmonies woven into the tapestries of Flying Away Festival, Ayia Napa Youth Festival, and Limassol Acoustic Festival, etching his name in the anthem of Cyprus musical sky.




Born in Limassol in 1986, Andreas' destiny was woven with rhythms. At a tender age of 9, he took up the drums, igniting a passion that led him to grace stages with various musical ensembles. From band competitions to soul-stirring concerts and studio recordings, he carved his path. After marching to the military philharmonic orchestra's beat, 2006 saw him study drums under George Koulas for a year. A pivotal juncture arrived in 2007 when the Rotterdam Conservatoire embraced him, immersing him in the world of Latin Jazz under luminaries like Lucas van Merwijk and Kiko Fraidas. In 2009, he embarked on a pilgrimage to New York, taking a lesson from the virtuoso Mark Guiliana. His crescendo came in June 2011, graduating with honors from the conservatoire. In tandem with his studies, he painted the world with his beats through captivating projects. From the vibrant streets of The Hague Festival Latin Fanatics to the ethereal realms of De Doelen Brazilian Festival, as well as LImassol Jazz Festival, Pomos Paradise Jazz Festival, and AglanJazz Festival, his rhythms resonated with global musicians like Nelson Faria and Anna Ellis de Jong. His drumming prowess echoed through the bands Funky Straat, Kafeney Quartet, Quintessence, Chevere Latin Jazz project, Casus Belli, Nuevo Jaleo, Magounda Kinousa, The Heir Band, No More Jazz Trio, and Ekon Nakon. Andreas' soulful journey culminated in his hometown, Limassol, where, from June 2011 onward, his music painted landscapes across the island, leaving a trail of enchantment.


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